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Our Goal at is to inform Consumers of the Slip/Fall Hazards in their homes and business and to leave our site wiser and safer. Slip Grip Slip Resistant Safety Treatments can be applied to most hard surfaces. From beautiful Glazed Tile and Stone flooring including smooth troweled cement at sidewalks, pool decks and many other wet slippery areas such as:

  • Ceramic Tiled Spas, Tubs, & Showers
  • Fiberglass Tubs, Spas & Boat Decks
  • Natural Stones Polished & Honed
  • Porcelain Tubs & Tiles
  • Cement and many other hard compatible surfaces

Through advanced technology Chemists have created a product for those in need of slip resistant flooring in old & new bathtubs, tiled showers and do not want to use alternative methods such as acid washing or etching which destroys the natural beauty of glazed tiles and stones each time it is etched which makes it ware faster.

Slip Grip Features:

  • No Acid Washing
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Non Toxic Treatment

From large Corporations, to single Home Owners our goal is to help make your home and work environment Slip Grip safe as approved by. . . .

  • Oregon State Hospital Safety Commissions
  • Oregon State Universities
  • Oregon State Correctional Facilities
  • D M R Hospital Systems, Connecticut
  • Various Home Owner Associations
  • Various Types of Restaurants & Business's

Home Owners now have the First Do-It-Yourself Slip Grip Safety Treatment Kit for floors in porcelain bathtubs, ceramic tile shower pan areas, exterior glazed tile or cement decks.

Can be easily applied by following directions on label Non Toxic, Non Acidulous & User Friendly Can be walked over Immediately after installation Saves pain and suffering due to falls in wet slippery areas.

24 hour On Line Technical Service to answer your questions or problems with an 800# or fax line for your own unique situation. May be purchased through local Tile Showrooms, Home Centers, Certified Applicators or On Line Purchasing may be done Here. For the larger industrial areas in need of Slip Resistant Treatment for tiled kitchens, buffet courts, lobbies, courtyards, swimming pool decks and wet areas with slip/fall history. Commercial installations available Nationwide. Hotels and Resorts Country Clubs and Gymnasiums Grocery Stores and Convenient Stores Reduce your Yearly Liability from Slip/Fall Claims