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ANSI Safety


The BOT Mfrs also includes PORCELAIN, MOST MARBLE and hard floor finishes.          

Architects, Designers, Suppliers, Facility Mgrs, Do Not Slip Up When it Comes To Floor Safety!

Update your tile specs Maintenance Manuals with new Dynamic COF requirements including the following, and Spec’s for Solutions by Floor Safety Enterprises, Inc.

Tiles suitable for level interior and exterior spaces expected to be walked upon when wet shall have a wet DCOF of 0.42 or greater when tested per the DCOF AcuTest® per BOT 3000E Tribometer, the ANSI Protocol DCOF Meter.

The ANSI A137.1 Standard for ceramic tiles, (and most all hard floor surfaces) now states, "The specifier shall determine tiles appropriate for specific project conditions, considering by way of example, but not in limitation, type of use, traffic, expected contaminants, expected maintenance, expected wear, and manufacturers' guidelines and recommendations."

If you're specifying, selling, manufacturing, installing, or maintaining ceramic tile floors, it's important to know about recent changes to the coefficient of friction (COF) requirements in the ANSI standard.

Project plans and specifications, maintenance programs, etc; referencing a minimum COF of 0.6 per ASTM C1028 (the old COF test method) do not meet the new requirements of the standard, which went into effect late in 2012.

To meet the new DCOF AcuTest criteria, you cannot use old COF values from C1028 measurements. The test methodologies are different, and accordingly, there is no direct correlation between specific C1028 COF values and the values measured by the DCOF AcuTest. Additionally, ASTM C1028 has been withdrawn, effective February 1, 2014.

As Published in Tile Letters Magazine March Issue, 2014.

Don't slip up when it comes to safety!

For the full text of the DCOF standard and added information;

Visit: Tile Council of North American


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