SG Tile Safe Neutral Cleaner De-greaser Concentrate For Polish / Marble / Granite / Porcelain Safety 64oz

Slip Grip Tile Safe Neutral Cleaner:

  • Cleaner de-greaser
  • Concentrate mixes to:
  • 128 - at 1/2oz or cap full to 1 - gal: water
  • 512 -  qt sprayer re-fills
  • Re-fills kits available
  • Water based
  • Non-Flammable
  • ANSI Compliant

Tech Field Notes To Consider: 

Our Slip Grip Tech’s work with many Hotels, Casinos, and other busy commercial facilities.  We have found that Facility Directors like to use their Contract Cleaner Suppliers. They also know that in many instances, their cleaners leave a slippery residue, and they quickly learn when to use the ANSI Rated Slip Grip Tile Safe N. Cleaner / De-greaser to remove excess slippery soap film build up, with 1 or 2 Cleanings of SG Tile Safe N. Cleaner.  This allows both products to be used and to assure they have backup when their floors start getting slippery again, which in many instances is every other cleaning. It also allows the best elements of both cleaners to be used.

Our Techs also have found that many Contract Suppliers have formulated their own Slip Resist Cleaners. Yet they only bring the DCOF Meter Testing up to the bare minimum and under ANSI Compliance.  The Repeated cleanings with these Stronger types of Cleaners can dull the finishes of the tile over time. We don’t recommend replacing the ANSI Rated Slip Grip Pro Stone Friction Sealer that protects the polished finish from the slip resist HD Cleaner oxidation, as the SG  Friction Sealer and Tile Safe ANSI Cleaning Products will always give a much higher Meter Test Readings up front over the minimum. This allows Less Daily Cleaning with the Contract Cleaners due to slip resistance by both Cleaners on the polished finishes that are protected at a higher level as used over the SG Pro Friction Sealed Polished Porcelain Tiles or Marble floors.

We look forward to keeping your floors Safe as Wet with ANSI Tested & Rated SG Tile Safe Cleanersas used together with SG Pro Stone Friction Sealerand the Contract Cleanerof your choice for your very best Public Floor Safety outcome.   

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