SlipGrip Installation & Treatment Directions

Shake for 30-Seconds Before Using

Its always best to TEST A SMALL AREA in a corner first for treatment time, as per Step 2 below after cleaning surface. Cover surrounding accessories. Both products are Bio-Degradable. However, the use of latex gloves and eye protection is recommended in case of unknown allergenic reactions.


Step 1. Using the SlipGrip Tile Prep Maintainer, Spray onto tile or slippery surface, using a plastic or nylon scrub brush from cleaning section of local drug or home center store, clean for 1-minute. Rinse with water spray bottle & wipe off excess with paper towel, repeat once again. Towel dry. Rinse Out Brush thoroughly (if only one) for use on....

Step 2. Test 1-Tile for time when stiffer scrubbing starts. Spray SlipGrip evenly and thoroughly on a 2' x 2' dry tile area, then to a larger area when ready. IMMEDIATELY begin scrubbing, evenly spreading SlipGrip on tiles for 30-seconds to 1-minute, or until scrubbing becomes stiffer. Keeping tile wet by misting tile (or on towel as below) with SlipGrip. When stiffness begins, spray if needed and Scrub area 15-seconds more. Quickly Rinse, Dry, Test for Grip per below. Repeat if needed. Textured Tiles: Mist again. Scrub 30 seconds, rinse, towel dry, test again for desired Grip per below.

Some Softer High Gloss Wall Tiles used on shower or tub bottoms, may spot or haze if sprayed on directly. If this occurs while testing 1 or 2 tiles, Spray SlipGrip Step # 2 on paper towel first, wipe treatment on to 1-square foot of tiles at a time in a back and forth motion (or same area of soft glazed porcelain) for 30-seconds with SlipGrip. Water Rinse, Dry, Repeat 2 to 3 more times to desired grip or finish.

Note: Avoid applying SlipGrip in direct sun light on outside surfaces due to its fast drying agents.

Apply Slipgrip in early AM or PM shade for least waste and keep wet with Slipgrip during scrubbing until done.

Testing Treated Tile: Upon Completing Step 2, Wet tile or tub again, first rub fingers hard on tile or tub, and/or carefully step on tile close to wall with full body weight to feel the Grip. Repeat Step 2 as per above if more Grip is desired.

Cleaning: Use SlipGrip Tile Prep Maintainer to keep SlipGrip active by removing built up residues left by soap, shampoo or cleaners that leave slippery films on glossy or comercial: kitchen quarry tile treated surfaces.

Limited Warranty: SlipGrip is designed to reduce slip/falls in homes and businesses. However, Mfg.: or its Sellers cannot control the use of this product by untrained users. Therefore, this warranty is limited to only surfaces compatible with SlipGrip, and only to increase the slip resistance to a higher degree than before treatment. No guaranty is implied that slip/falls will not happen due to other unknown exposures to the treated surface and untreated surfaces in close proximity and individual maintenance practices.

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. If taken internally, drink lots of water. If splashed in eyes, rinse for 15 min: If skin irritation occurs, wash with soap and water for 15 minutes. If irritation continues, call a Doctor.

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