Slip Grip - Buff to Grip Starter Tool Kit, 5 Items

Buff to Grip Tool Kits comes with.

  • 1x Pair of gloves
  • 2x Small sponge
  • 1x Slip Grip (1.5oz) Tile Safe N. Cleaner De-Greaser Super Concentrate: Makes 3- Gallons, or 12-Qt Sprayer Refills
  • 1x Microfiber Cloth to wrap around 1-dry sponge 

Ceramic - Porcelain – Marbles - Stone – Polished - Matte & Textured Finishes on Wet Floors and all other hard surfaces tiles & beyond per the following steps.
Floors and all other hard surface tiles & beyond per the following steps.

  • Start by cleaning a 2’x2’ area, such as half of Your Tub, or Shower Bottom.
  • Clean with SG Tile Safe N. Cleaner Spray on Sponge, Apply to tile & Rinse Off, Air Dry. Finger test for slippery soap or oil. Repeat if needed 
  • Clean total area, rinsing as you go, to go get ready for Buff to Grip Sealer.
  • Make sure tiles are clean as new, without oil, shampoo or grime left on it.
Start with Buff to Grip Friction Sealer in the 1st Cleaned 2x2’ Dry Section. 
  • Spray 2nd Sponge with Buff to Grip on 1-side, then apply on dry tile finish finish.
  • Light Foot Traffic in 4-hours. No Cleaning or water on sealer for 24-hours.
  • Then you will have a Buff to Grip Wet Floor Safety for 5-Years plus, if…
  • Cleaned routinely with Slip Grip Tile Safe N. Cleaner / Degreaser. 
  • See Free 2oz Bottle of SG Tile Safe Cleaner to Make 3-Gallons or 12-Qts.
  • Larger size Projects use larger Mops as available in Tool Section. 

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