Slip Grip Commercial  Cleaning Products  & Long Life ANSI Safety

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Slip Grip Commercial Cleaning Products & Long Life ANSI Safety

Interior Wet Floor High Traffic Public Areas, Use  ANSI Rated:

Slip Grip Tile Safe Neutral Cleaner / Degreaser

Exterior Areas Subject to the Elements and Vehicle Traffic:

Slip Grip Tile & Stone H D Cleaner / Degreaser & Concentrate

Designed for Outside Elements as follows for use as needed:

On Tile & Stone used in nearby areas subject to elements of:

  • Heavy Freeway or busy Street Traffic emitting exhaust fumes by
  • Cars, Diesel Trucks
  • Trains, Airplanes, or by Air Ports
  • Salt Water Mist from Ocean Dew or Fog
  • Salt Water Pools dripping onto tiled decks
  • SLS additives used in commercial floor cleaners,
  • Pollen or other plant emissions as blown onto exterior tile
  • See Slip Grip Anti-Slip Cleaning Video for Commercial & Home Safe Cleaning Procedures.

Pool & Spa Decks subject to Chlorine, or Salt Water that dries  and becomes Slippery by end of day, and will become slippery if not cleaned off and re wetting or dripped on again, Use…

Slip Grip Tile / Stone H D Cleaner / Degreaser & Concentrate.

May be used in conjunction with SG Tile Safe  N. Cleaner as well.

Call  Slip Grip Tech Support  for advice on your Home or Commercial Safety issues.

At  Slip Grip Floor Safety Tech Line: 800.430.5485 or Email…

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