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ANSI  Slip Grip Public Safety Products & Services designed to meet strict requirements for  ANSI A137.1 & the newest ANSI A326.3* Public Safety Compliance in high traffic areas for commercial flooring safety as meter tested on Certified Applications to exceed ANSI Compliance.

ANSI A137.1Release | 11.2012 |  For more information on please click here

ANSI A326.3 | Release | 01.2018 | For more information on please click here: 

Services Offered:

  • Lab Sample  pre-testing for Dynamic Co-Efficient Friction for WET & dry before & after slip resistance for proof as applied  per  Architects / Designer'sSpecificationsand as  per Supplier’s helpto promote their selective tiles and stone for theirANSIprojects with correct Long-Life Slip Resist Products &  Slip Grip Cleaner Solutions per manufacturers recommendations and final testing forDCOF wet floor safety for Building and Health Departments Inspectors Occupancy Approval.
  • Testing Method: Approved BOT 3000E  DynamicT-Metered  Lab testing available on request where needed for insurance claims and certification proof of  ANSI / DCOF.
  • Certified SG ANSI applications available for proof of public safety to far exceed minimum  ANSI  Compliance for a stronger longer lasting floor safety program with proper  SG Tile Safe Neutral Cleaners for years of proper floor safety cleaning and maintenance training as needed for facility directors and their crews.

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