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About Us at Floor Safety Enterprises, Inc.

Since 1984, our goal at SlipGrip.com is to inform consumers of the slip/fall hazards in their homes and business and to leave our site wiser, safer and with more peace of mind. Floor Safety Enterprises, Inc.

Slip Grip Floor Safety treatment and friction sealers can be applied to most hard surfaces, from beautiful polished tile and stone flooring including smooth non safe sealed and slippery cement and tiled walkways, pool decks and many other wet slippery areas such as:

  • Ceramic & porcelain tiled decks, coping tile, tubs & showers of any type
  • Natural stones polished, honed inside or outside, sealed & slippery made safe wet
  • Polished porcelain & stone tiles, small & large, acrylic, or fiberglass tubs & boats
  • Sealed stained cement that’s slippery, and many other hard compatible surfaces.

Through advanced technology SlipGrip.com, chemists have created products for those in need of slip resistant floors in old & new bathrooms, tubs & showers, and do not want to use alternative methods such as acid washing or etching which destroys the natural beauty of glazed or polished tiles, stones each time it is etched which wares off faster and more dirt collection and maintenance. Not with Slip Grip and their ANSI Rated Cleaners.

Not with Slip Grip, and their ANSI Rated SG Tile Safe N. Cleaner / De-greaserSuper Concentrates.

Slip Grip Public Floor ANSI Compliance & Rated Anti Slip SG Tile SafeN. Cleaners.

  • No Acid Washing
  • Environmentally Safe
  • None Toxic SG Pro StoneFriction Sealer for Max Public Safety Wet Code Compliance.

From large Corporations, to single home owners our goal is to help make your home and work environment Slip Grip Safe when wet as approved and used:

  • Southern Hills Hospital, Las Vegas for New ER Polish Lobby Tile Safety when wet.
  • UCLA Dormitory Showers and Swimming Pool Showers & Locker Room Floors.
  • Masulla Wyoming, Pool Deck Safety on Sealed Tile & Cement.
  • Various Home Owner Associations in common areas of tile & polished Floors of all types of restaurants, hotels, casinos, office polished tile lobbies.
  • Best of all “No Change In The Finish” except a cleaner & brighter natural look.
  • New car dealer showrooms with slippery polished or matte finish tiles through out the USA.
  • Home owners now have the DIY Buff to GripFriction Sealer for slippery epoxy garage floors, porcelain bath tubs, all types of tile shower pan areas, exterior glazed, matte finish tile, honed stone or smooth cement decks, sealed or slippery and ready for Buff to GripFriction Sealer.

Can be easily applied by following simple directions on label.  No toxic smell, with low VOC, and user friendly per directions. Can be walked over in 3-4-hours time per weather and type of tile or stone. Cures in 24-hours for safe wet surface walking. Saves pain and suffering due to falls in wet slippery floor areas, with a clear same as new tile finish.

ANSI SG Commercial Applications available through our USA network of Certified ANSI SG Applicators for ANSI Code Compliance & DCOF Proof of Public Floor Safety in all types of businesses, from small to large areas of 250-SF to 250,000-SF and more.   

Online purchasing may be done at SlipGrip.com, or for Information for Architects and Designers who need Specifications for ANSI A326.3 DCOF Proof of Public Safety on large industrial and commercial areas in need of Long Lasting Anti Slip on Tiles for Malls, Food Courts, Lobbies, Courtyards, Pool decks in Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, etc. to stop slip / fall claim’s with Certified ANSI Compliant Applications.  

Commercial ANSI Compliant installations available Nationwide. Hotels, Resorts Country Clubs, Gyms, Restaurants, Convenience Stores Reduce your Yearly Liability from Slip/Fall Claims with Meter Tested Proof of Public Safety at minimum risks.

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