Slip Grip works great in our entrance areas. We have not had one slip and fall at our entrance since the Slip Grip was applied. This was previously one of our trouble areas. On top of that we have always had problems cleaning the salt deposit build up off our floors and the Green Slip Grip Tile safe cleaner does the trick. Rain or snow it has been a huge help to us here on property. There amazing products.

This is a good product that really works especially for polished marble.
Does not change the color or dull the polished finish.

We knew the Slip Grip worked Great, but the SG Cleaners are equally impressive. The Achieve Glass Cleaner works way better then any other product, including Windex, its quicker, easier, and goes a lot further. Also, the SG Grout Cleaner is equally amazing. We tested it against others we had tried, and SG Grout Cleaner was the clear winner. None of the black mildew has came back either, so it last a long time. Great Products for Safety and Cleaning.

We have used the SG Achieve Glass Cleaner and the SG Grout Cleaner with amazing results.
The SG Achieve Glass Cleaner works way better than any other product (including Windex) we have ever used. I was amazed at how effortlessly it cleaned any glass or mirror. Even our young children were able to clean our large sliding doors (covered with dog nose art), windows, and mirrors with a streak free finish. It is an amazing product!
The SG Grout Cleaner is another amazing product by Slip Grip. We tested the SG Grout Cleaner against other Grout Cleaners and the SG Grout Cleaner was the clear winner. It took less product & effort to clean the grout and over time the grout stayed cleaner longer. The other cleaners (Lysol) seemed to act like a magnet for dirt and within a short period of the time the grout was as dirty as or dirtier than prior to cleaning. After 6 months the grout cleaned with the SG Grout Cleaner is still clean and looks new. We are cleaning all of grout on our tiles floors with SG Grout Cleaner from now on. Ask for a free sample and give it a try!

As a Tile Care Professional who has used acid wash products in the past, and other types of slip resist products, we have found that Slip Grip is the one and only product that is easiest and safest to work with, the longest lasting and with the cleanest and shiniest results of anything on the market to day. We use it on all are commercial projects needing Public Safety Compliance, from Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Resort Hotels as spec’d by Architects, to small residential jobs. It makes my Clients glad to pay me when they see a shiny safe finish even when wet.

As Assistant Director for a large Medical Center, we have had a need for a slip resist treatment on our shower floors for some time as our nurses have complained about slipping while bathing their patients on the gurneys.
After having the Slip Grip applied by a local Slip Grip Applicator, we have heard nothing but praises from the nurses. It is still easy to clean, and with the SG Tile Maintainer, there is no soap film buildup and stays looking cleaner longer. We will be using it on some new showers being installed.

I have used Slip Grip in my tubs for safer bathing while still keeping a shiny, easy to clean finish which really works well.
Now I have tried it on my glazed white tile steps leading to our TV area, that were slippery even when dry, as both my wife and I have taken some bad slip n falls on them. The Slip Grip did the trick again. Because I could not see it, I thought it was not working, until the next morning in my usual routine, I noticed that I could not slip on it.
As an X Tile Contractor & Remodeler, this product has been way over due in the tile industry. Good Job Slip Grip.

I applied the Slip Grip to my glazed tiled tub steps, curb and floor bottom, it really has made a world of difference, and I could not have been more pleased. No more slip and falls with bruises.

I always thought those stick-ons were un-safe in my tub, I quickly found out what safe was all about after having my porcelain tub treated with Slip Grip. Now et’s safe and non-slip even on the covered sides of the tub where I was sliding down to the flowers before. I hate that feeling! Now I don’t even need them. Truly a great safety product even at 10-times the cost. What a bargain.

Designers are always challenged by flooring products, especially with glazed ceramic and stone tiles that need to be safe even when wet. I have found the Slip Grip product line has met and exceeded that challenge as it does the job when ever I need a safe and still pleasing to look at tile finish.

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