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What is ANSI?

There’s a New Measuring Standard for ANSI Coefficient Of Friction After 20 years, the tile industry’s way of measuring, reporting and interpreting coefficient of friction (COF) has completely changed. And it’s a big change from the way the measurement is made to the way the results are reported and interpreted. The new standard, ANSI/TCNA A326.3, Standard Test Method for Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Materials, offers a more dynamic test method with the option to conduct a dry or wet test in the lab or in the field regardless of conditions. At Regan Scientific, we are proud that our state-of- the-art BOT-3000E is the only tribometer named by the ANSI/TCNA to comply with the new Standard, A 326.3, set in 2017. Due to the new Standard, Auditors using the BOT-3000E can significantly improve floor safety and prevent slips and falls along with having the correct documentation to lower risk exposure and demonstrate compliance to the standard in a court of law. Floor Safety Enterprises, Inc. A Registered Auditor for the BOT3000E / DCOF / ANSI A326.3, as used by Major Tile and Stone Dealers to offer the Slip Grip ANSI Specifications to their Architects & Interior Designers to use Slip Grip Pro Stone Friction Sealer on their Polished, Matte, Honed Tiles and Stone for that Elegant look that is enhanced with a bright clear finish and Ultra Safe as Wet or Dry with ANSI A326.3 High Readings for Public Wet Safety, and Home Owners to.
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