DCOF - BOT 3000e

What does DCOF mean?
In 2014, the American National Standards Institute updated their ANSI 326.3 standard to change the measurement system for tile slip resistance to DCOF, or Dynamic Coefficient of Friction. The new test measured the amount of force required to keep an object in motion as it slides over a tile.

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What is the DCOF AcuTest?
The DCOF AcuTest is an evaluation of the COF of a tile surface under known conditions using a standardized sensor prepared according to a specific protocol. Measurements are made with the BOT-3000, an automated and
portable device that measures DCOF. The ANSI standard  A326.3–
2014 also allows the use of other equivalent tribometers.

Wet measurements use 0.05% sodium lauryl sulfate solution to establish a thin film as would be present when a slip occurs. The precision, repeatability, and reproducibility of the DCOF AcuTest protocol is provided in the A326.3–
2014 standard. The test was so named for easy recognition, and to distinguish it from other DCOF measurements using different instruments and/or protocols.

The DCOF AcuTest COF measurement is not a property of the flooring but rather a measurement of the interaction between the sensor, the lubricant, and the tile surface under controlled conditions. It is useful to allow comparison between surfaces or to evaluate how a surface has changed over time. However, while the DCOF AcuTest can provide a useful comparison of tile surfaces, it cannot, nor can any other device, predict the likelihood a person will or will not slip on a tile surface. Because many variables affect the risk of a slip occurring, the DCOF AcuTest measurement shall not be the only factor in determining the appropriateness of a tile for a particular application.

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