Slip Grip's most often asked questions and their answers since 1987.

Q. Are Slip Grip Products Considered Green and Environmentally Safe.

  • Slip Grip Tile Safety and Cleaner products are green per Ph factors at 7.4 neutral range.
  • They are bio-degradable and safe to work with. Janitorial Staff love the way it cleans.
  • LEED AP Specified Projects are done by Certified Applicators trained to use the specified Slip Grip LEED Qualified Products at Ph levels of 6.5 - 7.4, environmently safe per MSDS.
  • As with all chemicals & soaps gloves and eye protection are advised for those with with sensitive skin.
  • Slip Grip has been used on most sealers and commercial paints with no finish change.
  • Slip Grip is safe for DIY Home Owner's use.

Q. If I don't want to do it myself, who can I call?

  • Smaller projects are easy for your local contractor to do, but not all want the liability to apply Slip Grip.
  • When calling your local Tile Showroom to see if they stock Slip Grip, just ask if they have anyone able to install it if needed. Accept no product taking longer then 1-2 minutes to water rinse off.
  • If they or you have questions, refer them to our website, or call 1-800-430-5485 for info about your tile.
  • Also call to become a local dealer, or to be a Factory Certified Applicator
  • .
  • As a DIY Home Owner, you can read the simple instructions to apply on your tiles for safety.

Q. Will this replace my loose and hard to clean adhesive tape strips or flowers?

  • Yes, however, the strips will need removing and the old adhesive cleaned with Goof Off.
  • After Slip Gripping you will then have an easy to clean shinny surface from then on.
  • No bacteria or mildew build up will grow due to the Slip Grip Cleaners being used.

Q. Is Slip Grip Safe for my children and grand parents?

  • Children and the Elderly are the most susceptible to slip & fall accidents.
  • Slip Grip can minimize these disabling falls and injuries, or worse as more new stories come to light of the elderly slipping in bath tubs such as… Sheriff Block, Orville Redenbacher, and thousands that are not famous, even teenagers have had fatal injuries from slipping in a tub or shower with glazed tiles.

Q. What equipment do I need to apply the Slip Grip Treatment?

  • For smaller home jobs, you just need a Grout Sponge to spray Slip Grip on, then scrub on tile.
  • See your local Home Center Tile Dept. Plus a rinse water bucket, paper or terry towel.
  • Then just read and follow the simple directions that come with it.

Q. Is there an easier, quicker way to do large areas like my patio or pool deck?

  • Yes, Larger projects in homes and commercial floors are done with Quicki 12” Rnd Head Sponge Mop from Home Centers, with a blue string mop for clean water rinsing.
  • Use the same Quickie Mop for the Slip Grip Step 1 Cleaner / Prep for Pre Cleaning and..
  • After rinsing it out well use it with the Slip Grip Step 2 Treatment.
  • Test a small out of way area for the seconds it takes to feel a Grip, 20- 45-seconds.
  • Then start with a small 4’x4’ area first until comfortable with mop on, rinse off procedure.
  • Read all Instructions thoroughly first to follow in proper procedural manner.

Q. How does Slip Grip Safety Treatment work?

  • Slip Grip works by leaving an invisible micro finish to glazed surfaces.
  • This does not destroy the surface finishes, grout or the color.
  • It's safe ingredients are formulated in the right proportions for safe to use on tiles / stones.
  • And for yours and your families safety to.

Q. How long does it take to do?

  • After reading the instructions, the average shower pan takes 15-minutes on first time.
  • Tubs in 7-10-minutes, ready to use safely when wet thereafter even on polished tubs.
  • Also safe to use on Fiberglass Tubs, showers and even shiny Boat Decks.
  • Bathroom floors average 20-minutes with a water rinse and towel dry when done.

Q. What makes it activate?

  • It is instantly activated by the slightest moisture from walking off a wet carpet to… Water spills, coffee, alcoholic and most soda and some thicker liquid spills.

Q. What liquids do not work on the treated surfaces?

  • Thicker liquids like motor and cooking oils cause slipperiness even on rough surfaces.
  • Built up residues from repeated use of Soaps, Shampoos, and Floor Cleaners using… Sodium Hydroxide or animal fat in their ingredients, or Enzyme No Rinse cleaners.

Q. Can I use it outside on my patio and around my pool deck or in my pool?

  • Yes, Slip Grip was originally made for exterior smooth finish of cement to glazed tiles.
  • And used on ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and many others.
  • Exterior decks need the Slip Grip Pro Stone Friction 10-15 Year+ Sealer for long life safety.
  • This is done by Pro Machined Applications for the highest slip resist results available.

Q. How long will it last?

  • Slip Grip has been installed for the past 26-yrs by Cert: Applicators on all types of tile & stones.
  • Both inside and out. To date we have only two reasons it stops working.
  • One is using the same older cleaners, again leaving a slippery surface film.
  • The other from not cleaning enough in heavy traffic areas of tracked in dirt when rain water makes it muddy and slippery.
  • Both issues are re-activated like new with the Slip Grip HD Tile Cleaner Degreasers.
  • See Limited Warranty for more info on “Slip Grip Long Life Tile Safe Cleaning Program”.

Q. What type of Cleaner should I use to keep Slip Grip Treatment working at its best?

  • Any Cleaner/Degreaser with out harsh acids, or slippery sodium hydroxide (animal fat).
  • Slip Grip is sold as a Kit that includes Slip Grip Cleaner/Degreaser, Step 1 Ready to Use.
  • Step 1 Cleaner/Degreaser preps all floors by dissolving built up slippery residues.
  • Including bath soap, shampoo, and commercial cleaners with animal fat, or Enzymes no rinse cleaners that leaves a slippery residues after the floors have been cleaned.
  • Slip Grip rinses clean to stop the cause of slip / fall injuries and insurance claims.
  • See Instructions on Labels and fold outs for easy Slip Grip Cleaning of smooth Slip Grip surfaces.
  • Mfr recommends Slip Grip Tile Safe N. Cleaner/Degreaser as preferred by janitors across US.

Q. Where can I purchase the Slip Grip Safety Kits?

  • Slip Grip Safety Kits are available in many Tile Showrooms in several States by Dealers concerned with there clients welfare.
  • Check your local Tile Showroom listings. If none of the stores in your area have Slip Grip in stock, please call our S. G. Hot Line for a Dealer in your area as more Register daily.
  • You may Order On Line at this Web Site On Line Store in the size Kit you need by Credit Card for quick delivery. If you need help ordering just call 800.430.5485 for help.
  • Tell your Favorite Dealer to call and Register to stock Slip Grip for your friends and relatives, or have them visit us at www.slipgrip.com or eamil to Info@SlipGrip.com

Q. Should I use gloves or eye safety when applying the treatment?

  • Slip Grip and the Cleaner / Degreaser are both Bio-Degradable, which means that it is environmentally safe and is safe for most humans and animals.
  • However, all chemicals and soaps should be treated with respect and some persons may be allergic, or have sensitive skin to soap and the Slip Grip ingredients.
  • In these cases use proper skin and eye protection To Be Safe Instead of Sorry.
  • Be sure with Slip Grip. Use simple Instructions on each Label, or the Fold Out.

Q. Does Slip Grip work as well as the existing Toxic Acid Washes and other harsh chemical treatments that are professionally applied due to the hazardous chemicals?

  • Slip Grip works better and safer then professionally applied chemicals especially on Polished Marble, Granite and Glazed & Polished Porcelain Tiles, Tubs / Fiberglass tubs.
  • If you find it does not increase the slip resistance to a safe level in 1-cleaning process, you may need to do it twice to get off all the old built up or bonded soap film finish.
  • Some Polished Stone and Tiles may need the Slip Grip Pro Stone Friction Sealer that is machine applied by Certified Trained Applicators that will come to home or business to apply the 10-15-year Sealer for Protection on all stone, glass tiles, mosaics, etc;
  • With no dullness, only the same, polished shine or honed finish as before.
  • It is always best to try the less expensive Slip Grip Treatment first as it will work in 99.9% on all applications and for Public Safety Due Diligence Compliance.
  • Note: Slip Grip is not compatible with all pre-acid washed surfaces. It will not bring back the shine or polish finish once it is etched, even our buffing machines will not re-polish the floor with Slip Grip Products.
  • Ask your Certified Applicator if he can do Restoration and Re-Polishing before Slip Grip.
  • It is suggested to use Slip Grip first for the Safest alternative.

Q. Can Slip Grip be applied over sealers?

  • Yes, Slip Grip can be applied over most sealers, or the Slip Grip Pro Stone Friction Sealer when applied by trained professionals with machine over stone tiles sealed, or not.
  • Both products work well over many tested sealer coatings, penetrating and topical.
  • However, not all have been tested and results may vary.
  • It’s best to test a small, out of way area before doing it all, or call 800# for Tech Info.
  • Or for a trained professional in your area to help with the look you wish to restore.

Q. Is Slip Grip a toxic acid type material that will roughen and dull my glazed finish?

  • NO, NO & NO. Slip Grip works as well as professionally applied toxic chemicals.
  • It does have non toxic low acidic’s to make the formula work, and is neutralized enough to be non harmful to humans and there pets and most hard floor surfaces.
  • No Toxic take away breath smell, or odor / fumes to make you sick.
  • It increases the slip resistance to safe easy to clean, long life floor safe finish.
  • You may need a trained professional to machine apply the Slip Grip Pro Stone Friction Sealer over your existing finish, when shine or polish is a deciding factor as well as wet safety.
  • Its always best to try the less expensive Slip Grip Treatment, or Pro Stone Fr. Sealer first.
  • Note: Slip Grip does not re-polish any pre-acid washed surface. Call a Restoration Co.
  • Apply only after re-polishing is done as the first and safest alternative choice.

Q. Will it hurt my grass or flowers or landscape?

  • No. Slip Grip is bio-degradable and will not harm plants, flowers, grass or animals.
  • It should be stored in higher areas out of reach of children, where it will not be spilled or drank by pets or children.

Q. Will Slip Grip bleach my grout, stain wood base boards, paint, carpet, or plumbing fixtures?

  • Your Grout will be cleaned and brought back close to natural color, some like new.
  • Most painted or chrome surfaces are not bothered by the treatment.
  • Most carpets are not stained by Slip Grip, however, it has not been tested on all surfaces for color fastness so it is best to cover surrounding surface with plastic, or masking tape.
  • Using the Quickie mops and following directions will limit spills, or splashes.

Q. Can I use the Slip Grip Tile Prep Cleaner on other surfaces for grease, oil removal?

  • Yes, the Slip Grip Tile Prep and Slip Grip Tile Safe Cleaner / Degreaser & Multi Purpose Spray Cleaners are preferred and used by many Janitorial staffs on many surfaces.
  • They are available in 16oz for Home use, 32oz spray on commercial cleaning & degreasing.
  • Showers, tubs, pool decks, as well as mixed Super Concentrate for commercial jobs.

Q. I have a very oily & greasy commercial Kitchen to clean daily. Does Slip Grip Cleaners work in busy kitchens.

  • Yes, Slip Grip Tile n Stone H. D. Cleaner / Degreaser / Concentrate is made for heavy use Kitchens, commercial Spa’s and Pool Decks, or heavy traffic areas inside and out.
  • For long life safety as a daily, weekly or monthly periodic cleaning.
  • For Re-Activating abused Slip Gripped floors that’s been cleaned with a slippery cleaner.
  • Once or twice Cleaned then go back to using Slip Grip Tile Safe Cleaner / Degreaser.
  • Also used at busy mall entries where dirt is tracked in on rainy days causing mud slides.
  • Call 800.430.5485 Tech Info for correct cleaner for your floor & surface cleaning needs.

Q. How Expensive are the Slip Grip Cleaners?

  • Slip Grip Cleaners are less expensive as they are highly concentrated at a half ounce (0.5 oz) per gallon of hot water for 800 to 1,000-sf of cleaning and degreasing that dissolves grease and oil, for much cleaner safer floors.
  • This is compared to normal commercial cleaners on today’s market that are concentrated and mixed at 3 to 4oz per gallon of water, and it only moves the grease, oils and other spills around the floor, but never rinses clean, leaving it looking like shiny dirt, with an oily slippery surface.
  • Oil based or Enzyme No Rinse Cleaners buildup and become slippery. Enzymes will eat away at the grout and water mark etch polished surfaces.

Q. Does Slip Grip Re-Polish etched tile or stone floors as caused by acid etching cleaners?

  • Slip Grip Products or its Slip Grip Pro Stone Sealer, or the equipment that is used to apply them, are not made for Re-Polishing Marble, Granite or other stones or polished Porcelain tiles.
  • Only to Prep & Clean for safer, brighter finish that were already polished, or re-polished nor will it remove any etching or dull spots that have been acid etched.
  • Call a local Restoration, or Marble Re-Polishing Co. for polishing before Slip Grip is applied.


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