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Slip Grip Home Floor Cleaning Products & Long Life Floor Safety
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Slip Grip Home Cleaning Products for Long Life Floor Safety

For All Interior Wet Floor Areas, Use:

Slip Grip Tile Safe  Neutral Cleaner / Degreaser & Concentrate

For All Outside Areas Subject to All Elements of Traffic use:

Slip Grip Tile & Stone H D Cleaner / Degreaser & Concentrate

Designed for Outside Elements as follows for use as needed on…

Honed Tile & Stone used in nearby areas subject to elements:

Of Heavy Freeway, busy street traffic emitting exhaust fumes/mist from Cars, Diesel Trucks, Trains, Air Planes, Air Ports, Pollen and other plant emissions as blown onto exterior tiled decks.

Pool & Spa subject to Chlorine, or Salt Water will dry and become Slippery by end of day and become slippery, if not cleaned off with  Slip Grip Tile / Stone H D Cleaner/Degreaser/Concentrate.

May be used in conjunction with SG Tile Safe  N. Cleaner  as well,

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