Slip Grip Tile Safe N. Cleaner Degreaser Re-Filler Kit:  For mixing 1-Gallon of Ready to Use Cleaner with only 1/2 oz of Concentrate per the 4-oz Measuring Cup. 

1-Gallon mix will Clean approximately 400-600-SF of Flooring with Mop & Rinse Slip Grip Anti Slip Cleaning Kit for daily Wet Floor Cleaning Safety.

Also use same 1/2 oz Mix to 1-Gallon to make 4-Qt Spray Bottles of Tile Safe Cleaner for Spot Cleaning on Floors, Walls, and Appliances, as a Universal Cleaning Product for Ultra Clean Surfaces.  See 32 oz lines on side of Gallon Jug. Also comes with SG Concentrated Cleaner that will mixes to 4-gal's Ready 2 Use. 

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