RE FILLER KIT FOR SPRAY BOTTLES of Slip Grip Neutral Cleaner/Degreaser

Slip Grip Tile Safe N. Cleaner Degreaser Re-Filler Kit:  For mixing 1-Gallon of Ready to Use Cleaner with only 1/2 oz of Concentrate as marked at bottom of 4-oz Cup Label 

1-Gallon mix will Clean approximately 400-600-SF of Flooring with Mop & Rinse Slip Grip Anti Slip Cleaning Kit for daily Wet Floor Cleaning Safety. Up to 1,024 Sprayer Refills 

Also use same 1/2 oz Mix to 1-Gallon water to make 4-Qt Spray Bottles of Tile Safe Cleaner for Spot Spray Cleaning on Floors, Walls, and Appliances, as Universal Cleaning Product for Ultra Clean Surfaces.  See 32 oz lines on side of Gallon Refill Jug. Also comes with SG Concentrated Cleaner mixes to 4-Galls Ready 2 Use, or 1,024 Sprayer Refills.    See HD Cleaner Refiller also to save money for years of Ultra Cleaening Sefety

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