Slip Grip - Tile Safe Neutral Cleaner / De-Greaser / Super Concentrate 128 fl. oz

SG Tile Safe N. Cleaner / Degreaser Super Concentrate

A Daily Commercial ANSI RatedSG Polished Tile & Stone Floor Cleaner

  • Use with Sprayers for Stainless Steel
  • Mix for Sprayers for Chrome Fixtures
  • Keeps Polished Tiles Bright & Safe
  • Promotes Increased Slip Resistance
  • Low Suds allows Easy Rinse Off
  • Auto Scrubber Friendly
  • Cleans up to 256,000-SF per Super Concentrated Gallon. 
  • 1-Gal: Mixes to 256 Gallons of Cleaning Solution
  • Easy Pour Faucet & Measuring Cup Filler Kit
  • Available in: Qt Sprayers, & OSHA Label. See Tile Safe Multi Purpose Spray
  • Concentrate 16-oz - 32oz - 1/2 Gal: - 1-Gal: + Sprayer Filler Faucet Kit

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