Slip Grip - Buff to Grip Friction Sealer & Cleaners + Starter Tool Kit fl. 8oz, 6 Items

No More Slippery Polished Marble, Porcelain Wet Floors with Buff to Grip

  • Safe on polished, matt porcelain, ceramic tiles, fiberglass, acrylic tubs, polished stone & cement, pre-sealed or not. Up to 1500-SF in 45-min. 
  • Helps protect children, adults and seniors from tub, shower & bathroom wet floor slip n fall accidents.
  • Sponge wipe on & microfiber Buff to Grip off for a safe shiny polish, smooth and honed floor.
  • Safe, easy to use on half polished tile/marble for Demostrations.
  • SG Buff to Grip Friction Sealerdries in 4-Hrs & walk on dry, 12-hrs wet.
  • 8oz Seals up to 200+/-SF, with No Change except clear, easy to clean
  • Bacteria & Mildew Resistant protection after full 24-hour cure.
  • How do You Keep Your New Slip Grip Anti-Slip Floor Clean & Safe?
  • Water based - Non-Flammable - Easy Directions for Home Safety. 
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  • And Save over $600. Order 16oz SG Tile Safe N. Cleaner Concentrate:
  • Makes 32-Gal’s / 128 Qt Sprayers / SG Anti-Slip Cleaner/Degreaser
  • ANSI Compliant Pro Applications available, Call 800.430.5485
  • From Slip Grip Family of Earth & User Friendly Green Products

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