Slip Grip - Buff to Grip Friction Sealer & Cleaner + Starter Tool Kit fl. 16oz, 7 Items

 For No More Slippery Wet Tile or Marble Floors or Slippery Cleaners.

  • Safe on Polish & Matt Porcelain Tiles, & Fiberglass Tubs, Polished Stone, & Cement
  • Helps Protect Children, Adults, Seniors from Tub & Shower Wet Floor Slip n Falls
  • Sponge Wipe on & Microfiber Buff to Grip Off Safe Shiny, Smooth, Honed Finishes
  • Safe, Easy to Use for small Bath Jobs, or Half Tiles used for Show Room Demo's 
  • Buff to Grips Friction Sealer dries in 4-Hours to walk on dry, Wet in 24-hrs.
  • 16oz will do 400+/-SF, with a No Change in Finish except Cleaner & Brighter
  • Bacteria & Mildew Resistant with MicroBan protection upon full 24-hour cure
  • For Public Safety ANSI Code Compliance for large areas Visit Public Safety for your Polished, Matte, Porcelain, Stone areas in Hotels, Casinos, Pools, etc

This Kit includes the following items:
  • 16 oz Bottle Step One Tile Safe N. Cleaner/Prep/Degreaser/Prep before sealing surface
  • 16 oz Bottle Buff to Grip apply to Tub Bottom for Long Life Anti-Slip Bathing Safety
  • 2 oz Bottle SG Tile Safe N. Cleaner Concentrate makes 3-Gallons Cleaner/12-Qts
  • 2-Grout Sponge Applicators, 1-for Step 1 & Rinse off, & 2nd for applying Buff to Grip applied
  • Buff Off Excess Friction Sealer to a Cleaner – Brighter Finish, Polished or Matte
  • Easy fold out Directions and on Rear of Bottles. 100-SF in 60-minutes or less
  • For Long Life Anti Slip Surface, Order SG Tile Safe Spray On for daily cleaning 
  • Save $$$ and Order the 16oz SG Tile Safe N. Cleaner Concentrate: Makes 32-Gallons
  • An Earth Friendly & User Friendly Green Product


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