Get a Grip with Slip GripTM

Buffed to Grip DIY Choice Clear Friction Safety Seal  For - Polished –Gloss – Matte – Tile & Polished - Honed - Stone –Pool & Spa Decks

Easy to Sponge Apply. A Friction Sealer with No Change Finish. 1-light coat & Buff Off excess sealer = up to5 to 10-Years of Safety. Feel  Dry  Grip in minutes, walk on in 4-hrs. Clean it after 24-hrsCure to feel Wet Grip. 

A Water Base Sealer for Home Safety on Tubs, Showers or Wet areas with 1-2-light coats per Tile.   Micro Fiber Buffed Off to Grip for Dry and Wet Safety.

Mop & Rinse Light to Heavy soiled floors withSlip Grip Tile Safe  Neutral Cleaner / Degreaser Concentrate for years of wet floor safety.

Covers up to  400 - 600 +/- SFper16 ozKit with Step 1 Tile Safe Cleaner/Prep & Buff to Grip Friction Sealer.

Refill  Step 1 Spray Bottle with  SG Tile Safe  Neutral Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate from 2oz Bottle per directions for Weekly  Floor  Cleaning Safety.

User is responsible for proper cleaning. No Warranty slip, trips falls won't happen, Only to increase safer slip resistance. Not Made for Commercial Floors.

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